“Sammy Davis Jr, “I want to testify, I want to testify.” Frank Sinatra, “But we already won them over.” Sammy again, “I want to testify.” Dean Martin, “Oh let him testify.” Paraphrased from “Robin and the seven Hoods.”

Look at all the Testimonials for Jennifer, it’s easy to see she too has won us all over! For me, I wanted to investigate self hypnosis. During our first meeting together we discovered it might be a better idea to have me break out my self-adsorbed shell before then. I was unpersonable to a fault and rarely shared my opinions to anyone, much less a group. With her help, as already described by others here, finally after 66 years I have broken out of that shell and am enjoying conversations as never before. Now as a Toastmaster, per her suggestion, I’m even confidently giving speeches.” ~ Bob H.

”I met Jennifer by accident as I had been referred to another practitioner at her office location. I liked her immediately based on her warm personality. When I had a problem a few weeks later and needed to speak with someone, I thought of her. I had never been treated with hypnosis and decided to give it a try. I am very glad that I did. She helped me very much deal with my fear of driving on open highways. We had four sessions in which we explored different events in my life. I found her to be an excellent listener. She sent me affirmations after every session to write down along with an MP3 recording which I could listen to on my phone. I still listen to the MP3 each evening. I highly recommend Jennifer for hypnosis therapy.” ~ Steven K.

”Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. She is caring, insightful and has a great sense of humor all while maintaining outstanding professional ethics. I highly recommend her!” ~ Susan C.

”I chose Jennifer based on her warm and friendly personality. I have been to one other hypnotherapist. Jennifer made a audio for me that she sent via email before my first session and another after my first and second visits. I have listened to my tapes every night and morning where she uses her soft and calming voice to inspire and calm you with inspirations.
I know first hand it is worth the money and time, and I would recommend Jennifer to anyone for sure.
I went in because I was struggling with anxiety and nerves. So far, I feel better, I feel lighter, and I feel like my mind is clearer....if that makes any sense. I also feel calm and self assured.
Jennifer also texted and emailed me after the session to check in on me.
Wear comfy clothes, bring water and come with an open mind.
It’s like taking the ultimate nap. Jennifer is very personal and private in her office setting which is inside a wellness center. You feel very welcomed and loved.” ~ Lori R.

”Jennifer is very professional, but kind and caring about your individual needs . She asks for your input and in cooperates your suggestions into your treatments” - Marilyn S.

”Thank you Jen. You are amazing! Had a great experience!” ~ Amy

” Jennifer is an outstanding hypnotist. She is kind, understanding, and very accommodating. Results were seen immediately, and her technique is highly effective. She never rushes sessions and makes sure to thoroughly inform about how each process would result in improvement, and how much improvement to expect after each session.” ~ Jonathan

”Jennifer is very friendly, professional, and trustworthy! She was very effective in inducing a hypnotic state and made me feel comfortable enough to relax and get the most out of our session. She was able to help me get to the root of my concerns and see what it is that I can learn from past situations, and how to let go of traumas. I have felt a great sense of peace and happiness since I started seeing her. I highly recommend her.” ~ Jamie S.

”I am still seeing Jennifer. I feel this is a very positive experience and would recommend her to others.” ~ Donna W.

”As a smoker for 48 years I have tried many methods for quitting, Then one day I remembered an older coworker some 30 years ago telling me how hypnosis helped him kick the habit. Now by accident I came across Thumbtack and in turn came across Jennifer. I’m so glad I took that first step. We all have these messages in our brain that are sitting idle, waiting to come out and Jennifer knew how to bring them out. I truly believe that I will be smoke free, Thank You for your service” ~ Rudy

”My experience with Jennifer has only been positive and extremely helpful in making positive life changes. She not only help me through a very stressful time in my life by facing the situation head on with a positive attitude and I can get through this phase by believing in myself. I did not need to take my anxiety medicine to get through the very stressful situation I was going through because of Jennifer. She is also helping me lose weight and I have lost nine pounds since seeing her. Jennifer has only brought positive changes in my life and I would recommend her to anyone if you are having issues that you need help with in your life.” ~ Evelinda D.

”Jennifer was receptive to what I want to accomplish and was interested in who I was and what works for me. She helped me outline a plan of action that I could be comfortable pursuing.”
~ Gabrielle O.

”Jennifer was amazing. She has a wonderful way of making a person feel welcome.” ~ Brooks H.

”I have completed all six sessions. Jen is wonderful. Caring, compassionate and confident. I have been having issues with my weight for many, many years. For the last 6-8 months, I found that I was gaining weight. I decided to try hypnosis as a last resort. I had tried it many years ago with no success so I did not hold out much hope.

Jen asked the right questions and created scripts and suggestions that really hit home. In this short 6-week time-frame, I have lost 6 lbs and feel more in control of the food that I eat than I can ever remember. She takes however long is necessary in the sessions, provides recordings to listen to at home. Even gives homework to ensure that the change really takes hold! In the last session, she provided instruction on how I can put myself in the hypnotic state going forward. She is knowledgeable, empathetic and so very helpful. I highly recommend her - you will be happy that you did.” ~ Virginia L

”I am working with Jennifer from Exceptional Life. It’s been a positive and productive experience. She has a skillful approach and intuitive sense for getting to the bottom of things. She continues to give me great insight and tools to further my progress. “ ~ Michael N.

”Thank you Jennifer for all your help and amazing insight...What a difference you have made in my life!” ~ Patti T.

”Jennifer is a wonderful person to work with-very patient, understanding, considerate and has excellent (really exceptional) interpersonal skills, demeanor and in general a very nice person - Thanks again” ~ Jonathan M.

”I’ve had a couple sessions now with Jennifer from Exceptional Life and I’m getting results. I’ve had a low-grade compulsion that has caused me stress and anxiety for quite a long time. I had just gotten used to the idea that it’s part of my life now. But through only a couple sessions, these feelings have started to subside. The sessions are great, but she’s also giving me the tools to continue this work on my own.” - Mike S.

”I tried hypnosis a few years ago and the one hour session didn’t work. I have been a smoker for approximately 30 years and have tried unsuccessfully over the years to quit on my own I am currently attending hypnosis sessions with Jennifer to help me with my addiction and have found that I am now making real progress. Through her guidance, I have discovered the reasons I smoke, I didn’t even know there were reasons, thought it was just a nicotine addiction. Addiction is part of it, of course, but I now know that there are reasons behind the cravings. This this new knowledge I’ve discovered plays a big part in smoking cessation. With Jennifer’s guidance we’ve come up with various ways on how to handle these cravings. This new knowledge has helped to prevent me from smoking more often than not. I am still smoking today (hypnosis isn’t an overnight solution), but have gone from a pack every 2 -3 days to 1 - 2 cigarettes a day in a relatively short time. I am encouraged that in the very near future I will be able to claim that I am a non-smoker. “ ~ Aggy H.