Jennifer Cloney, CHt, FIBH

My mission is to help you clear whatever is in the way of you consciously having an experience of your inner divine nature and attaining your goals in life.  I help you experience the self empowerment and love that allows you to let go of sabotaging patterns.

At the age of 18, I was introduced to Hypnosis and the mind-body connection when my parents had used it to overcome their smoking habit. I remember being intrigued with this process,  I knew in my heart that our thoughts had the power to change our lives.  That being said, I still found myself years later, dissatisfied with my life and health.   I was a shy introvert who didn't manage stress well and felt lost and without purpose. I found little by little I retreated from life emotionally and mentally.  The more I retreated, the more my confidence and esteem suffered.  My emotional,  mental, and physical health began to show the effects.  I knew my emotional, mental, and physical health were all connected,  but couldn't seem to "get out of my own way".  

As I struggled to overcome my self-limiting beliefs,  behavior,  and physical health I was reintroduced to Hypnosis.  It was life changing for me.  As I began to utilize this process, not only could I see clear improvements in my life, I discovered a passion for the field and I decided to pursue it as a career to help others find their strength and wisdom within as I did. 

Through individual sessions, schooling, and self-hypnosis I was able to overcome my self-limiting beliefs that held me back most of my life.  By the time I left the school, I was a completely different person. I found myself feeling more positive and hopeful,  finding direction and handling stress in a more productive way.

I have 500 hours of training and am a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy.