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Find physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness by tapping into your inner wisdom, creativity and strength.  Our mind is our most powerful tool and yet, often the most overlooked when addressing our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Buddha once said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become.”   That belief, along with the understanding that we all have an incredible, infinitely wise inner resource that holds all the wisdom and answers we're looking for is the foundation of my business.  Each client has a unique perspective and every session is interactive.

Using hypnosis, you learn to master your levels of awareness to bring self empowerment and the greater ability to overcome challenges and reach personal goals.   I help you tap into your inner resources to find any unconscious limiting patterns and skillfully guide you in the restructuring of those patterns to be more in line with your goals.  By developing self empowering thoughts and habits, you increase your self awareness and esteem to bring about long lasting change.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, lightly altered state of consciousness. During hypnosis, your conscious mind relaxes and your subconscious mind becomes more focused. Your blood pressure and heart rate lowers and your mind moves into natural brain-wave patterns commonly found in daydreaming and deep meditation. In this relaxed state, you are more responsive to positive, life improving suggestions. Hypnotism helps you access your subconscious mind where you can identify limiting thought and behavior patterns and find answers to improve your life. Use hypnosis to master your states of awareness.

As with all skills, hypnosis improves with practice.  The more you practice, the easier it will become to manage your states of awareness. 

How does Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works by softening your critical thinker and allowing access to the subconscious mind where all our programming is held.   Once the critical filter is softened, suggestions are given, guiding you to focus on positive input and your desired outcome. This process restructures your limiting thought and behavior patterns,  allowing a new perspective that is in line with your goal.  The new programming then becomes automatically driven by the subconscious mind after the hypnosis session is over. 


How can Hypnosis help me?

  • Manage stress

  • Improve memory/learning/exam taking

  • Increase creativity/intuition

  • Improve confidence and self esteem

  • Set and achieve goals with more ease

  • Accelerate healing and manage pain

  • Increase spiritual awareness

  • Improve thought/behavior patterns

  • Increase self awareness

  • Improve sleep

  • Explore Past Lives/Natal/Interlife for clarity and understanding of influences in this life


"There is a storehouse within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life glorious, joyously, and abundantly"

~ Joseph Murphy



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